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Pregnancy Rates

IVF/ICSI Pregnancy Rates


We continuously analyze our success rates to identify trends important to the care of our patients. In 2015, 93.5% of cycles proceeded to egg retrieval. We maintain our success rates while transferring fewer embryos per attempt. This way, we maximize patient safety by reducing the chance of high order (triplet or more) multiple pregnancy. In 2015, the high order multiple pregnancy rate at the OFC was 3.6%.

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Age-specific IVF/ICSI Pregnancy Rates, Ottawa Fertility Centre, 2015


Age (years) <35 35-37 38-39 40-42 >42 All
Average Age (years) 31.5 36.0 38.5 40.9 43.4 36.0
Number of Cycles 212 128 105 99 28 572
Pregnancy per Egg Retrieval 41% 42% 26% 26% 15% 35%
Pregnancy per Embryo Transfer 44% 46% 30% 29% 17% 38%
Multiple Pregnancy Rate 25% 8% 15% 24% 0% 18%
Average # of Embryos Transferred 1.5 1.6 1.8 2.1 2.5 1.7

Live Birth Rate Per Egg Retrieval


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We are the only Ottawa-based fertility clinic with the Ministry Funded Fertility Program.


Services available in English, French, and Chinese.


Physicians have affiliations with the University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital.

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We are a Fertile Future and Fertility Matters sponsor clinic. We sponsor Be Loved Butterfly Boxes to encourage selfcare and support.


We have a satellite relationship with Kingston General Hospital. We have a fast-tracked referral system for Newfoundland IVF patients.

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We offer OTN (virtual) consultations and follow-ups and consents.

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