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The Ottawa Fertility Centre helps men and women with a diverse range of fertility challenges. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you meet your goal of having a family

Information Sheets

Ontario Fertility Program Patient Information Sheet Download
Ottawa Fertility Centre Fee Schedule Download

Referral Forms

Outside Consultation Request Download
Oncology Referral for Fertility Preservation Download
Kingston Registration Form Download

Satellite Patients

Request For Satellite Monitoring Download

Disclosure of Personal Health Information

Disclosure of Health Information (Doctors office only) Download
Access to Health Information (Patients Only) Download

Other Consent Forms


Transfer of Cryopreserved Specimens FROM the Ottawa Fertility Centre Download
Transfer of Cryopreserved Specimens TO the Ottawa Fertility Centre Download
Use of Femara (Letrozole) for Infertility Download

Fertility and your Health

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Download
Complications of Multiple Births Download
Risks Associated with Twin Pregnancies Download
Endometriosis Download
Lifestyle and Dietary Recommendations for the Infertile Male Download

Instructions for Diagnostic Tests

Baseline Gynecological Exam Download
Hysterosonogram Download
Collection at Home Download
Collection at the Ottawa Fertility Centre Download

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Ottawa Fertility Centre

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