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Ottawa Fertility Centre

Offering compassionate care, understanding, and hope on your journey.

General Information

The Ottawa Fertility Centre helps people with a diverse range of fertility challenges. Whatever the reason, we are here to help you meet your goal of having a family

Information Sheets

Ontario Fertility Program Patient Information Sheet EN | FR
Early Pregnancy Loss Patient Information Sheet EN | FR
Endometrial Polyps Patient Information Sheet EN | FR
Zika/COVID Virus Informed Consent Handout EN | FR

Satellite Patients

Request For Satellite Monitoring - Canada EN | FR
Request For Satellite Monitoring - International EN | FR

Disclosure of Personal Health Information

Disclosure of Health Information (Doctors office only) EN | FR
Access to Health Information (Patients Only) EN | FR

Other Consent Forms

Use of Femara (Letrozole) for Infertility EN | FR

Fertility and your Health

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss EN
Complications of Multiple Births EN
Risks Associated with Twin Pregnancies EN | FR
Endometriosis EN
Lifestyle and Dietary Recommendations for Sperm Provider EN | FR
Recommendations for a Healthy Pregnancy EN | FR

Instructions for Diagnostic Tests

Baseline Gynecological Exam EN | FR
Hysterosonogram EN | FR
Obstetrical Exam EN | FR
3D Scan EN | FR
Semen Collection at Home EN
Semen Collection at the Ottawa Fertility Centre EN

Podcast, with Dr. Bryden Magee

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"How to Get Pregnant" featuring OFC's Dr. Bryden Magee

Fertility in Focus by Fertility Matters Canada

PCOS & Infertility: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments & More With Dr. Bryden Magee

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