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American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) Position on COVID Vaccine Use in Pregnant Women
Jan 27, 2021
Origin: ASRM Bulletin

Full Article is available at

During this time of providing services during a pandemic, the Ottawa Fertility Centre has made several changes to how it operates to ensure patient and staff safety while providing efficient services to our patients. Please take note of the responsibilities below that you can follow to minimize adverse effects on your treatment and that of your fellow patients.

  • Please complete the mandatory COVID assessment before coming to the clinic. The COVID assessment can be found under “COVID Updates” -> "COVID Assessment".
  • You will receive a QR (Bar) code by email once the assessment is completed. When you arrive at our facility, hold up the bar code to our scanner located on our front door, then look at the thermal camera located on the ceiling to your left.  If you do not have a fever, the door will automatically unlock and you may proceed into the reception area. If you get the red “STOP” result, please refrain from coming to the clinic and call your doctors’ office for further instructions.
  • Upon arrival please change your mask to one provided, please do not bring your partner or children to the appointment; only patients who have an appointment will be allowed into the centre. If you have any concerns please bring them to the attention of your physician.
  • As of October 1, 2020, all patients must add their names to the Virtual Waiting Room when visiting the clinic. The virtual waiting room is available on our website under "Virtual waiting room". You will wait in your car until we let you know we are ready to see you. Please do not add your name to the Virtual Waiting Room until you are at the clinic.
  • Please note the Virtual Waiting Room is not required for patients attending the clinic for semen samples.
  • Due to COVID-19 all appointments will be strictly enforced to ensure we can provide distancing to all patients and accommodate as many patients in a day as we can.
  • Due to COVID-19 we are not able to accommodate patients on a walk-in basis. If you need to meet with a physician’s assistant, please call the office and book an appointment.


Day 1 Call In

Jul 7, 2020

Please be advised that when you call in for your “Day 1” we may not be able to accommodate your testing or procedure in that month due to high demand from patients at this time.  If this happens we will ensure we accommodate you on your second call.  Thanks you for your patience.

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