Out of Town Patients

Out of Town Patients

  • Consultations by phone
  • Web-based teaching tools

Phone Consultations

Out of town patients can have consultations by phone for a fee of  $340.00. Currently, OHIP does not cover these costs and patients are billed in advance for telephone appointments. If you do wish to have a telephone consultation, please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Newfoundland Patients

The Ottawa Fertility Centre and the Newfoundland Fertility Clinic have been working together for the past two years to support patients through IVF. Patients are referred to the Ottawa Fertility Centre for treatment by Dr. O’Grady or Dr. Murphy of the Newfoundland Fertility Clinic. All preliminary testing and relevant results should be included in the referral for your fertility doctor in Ottawa. We will talk with you to determine the scope of the first consultation, which may also include a consent for IVF.

Benefits for Newfoundland Patients

  • A dedicated physician to look after your care.
  • A dedicated nurse who will oversee their care from the initial date of referral through to the last day of treatment.
  • Online education tools to learn about IVF from home.

Tips for Newfoundland Patients

  • Keep a centralized file of information for quick reference.
  • Keep receipts for tax claim purposes.
  • Obtain a doctor’s note from Newfoundland for travelling on a plane with needles.
  • Visit our Contact Us page to get directions to the clinic.
  • Don’t forget your drug insurance card.

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