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Ottawa Fertility Centre

Offering compassionate care, understanding, and hope on your journey.


Ottawa Fertility Centre

Offering compassionate care, understanding, and hope your journey.


We are committed to full transparency so you will know exactly what costs are involved in your treatment. 

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) covers most fertility related physician consultations and diagnostic tests. The Ontario Fertility Program is a separate government-funded program which covers some fertility treatments under specific eligibility criteria and is separated from Private-Pay fees below under the column "MOH Funded". Patients are encouraged to understand our fees and policies prior to payment. Email questions to

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) Private-Pay MOH Funded*
Private-Pay patients pay for additional services that are not covered by OHIP. These services include: follicle tracking ultrasound exams, blood work, and the insemination procedure. Typically, 1 day of full monitoring is about $295
Insemination Procedure $200 Funded
IUI with partner sperm – sperm washing (sperm separation) $850 $850
IUI with Donor Sperm - Handling
If not pre-washed $850 fee will apply - does not include cost of the donor sperm
$300 / unit $300 / unit
In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Private-Pay MOH Funded*
* Costs not covered by the MOH Funding Program.

** For a private-pay IVF cycle, a non-refundable $500 enrollment fee will be collected at your Physician’s appointment before your IVF chart is given to the Schedule Nurse. This fee is to cover the costs of chart and prescription preparation, IVF education, cycle scheduling, reservation of a treatment start date, and nurse consultation.

- Private-Pay patients pay for the ultrasound exam to confirm pregnancy and/or to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, physician assessments, and any additional blood tests beyond the first pregnancy test

IVF Consent Fee $200 Funded
IVF - Stimulated Cycle ** $9,000 Funded
IVF - Natural Cycle ** $7,500 Funded
IVF - Conversion from IUI $7,500 N/A
IVF - Known Egg Donor or Gestational Carrier ** $12,100 Funded
IVF - Previously Frozen Eggs (ICSI Included) $8,000 Funded
IVF/PGT - with ICSI and embryo biopsy (additional fees from Cooper Genomics - see brochure) $13,100 $1,800
ICSI (if MOH funded - $2,000 fee applies if male does not have OHIP) $2,000 Funded
ICSI with TESE/PESA sperm (if MOH funded - $2,500 fee applies if male does not have OHIP) $2,500 Funded
Surgical Sperm Retrieval at OFC (PESA or TESE) including freeze (determined at time of procedure) $3,000 $700 if PESA
$3,000 if TESE
Surgical Sperm Retrieval at The Ottawa Hospital (Micro TESE) - OFC fee only $3,500 $3,500
Sperm Freezing (1st year of storage included) $700 $500
Embryo Freezing (1st year of storage included) $1,000 N/A
Embryo Freezing (no storage) N/A Funded
Egg Freezing Cycle - non-medical reason (1st year of storage included) $9,000 N/A
Egg Freezing Cycle - non-OHIP cancer (1st year of storage included) $7,000 $500
Embryo Freezing Cycle (medical reason) + ($2,000 ICSI if required) $7,300 $3,300
Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle (FET) $2,500 Funded
Egg, Sperm, or Embryo Storage (annual fee) $500 $500
Transfer of sperm to OFC from another clinic (incl 1 yr storage, excl transport cost) $1,000 $1,000
Transfer of eggs or embryos to OFC from another clinic (incl 1 yr storage, excl transport cost) $1,500 $1,500
Transfer of eggs, sperm or embryos from OFC to another clinic (excl transport costs) $500 $500
Third Party Reproduction Screening Fee (per patient) $1,500 $1,500
Repeat Third Party Reproduction Screening Fee (per patient) $500 $500


Refund Policy Private-Pay
IVF - Enrollment fee ($500) is
non-refundable once paid
Cycle cancelled after IVF enrollment $8,500
Cycle cancelled after 1st ultrasound $8,000
Cycle cancelled before egg retrieval $7,500
No Embryo Transfer $700
Egg Freezing (non-medical
Cycle cancelled before egg retrieval $7,500
Egg Donation or Gestational
Carrier Cycle
Cycle cancelled after scheduling visit; prior monitoring start $11,100
Cycle cancelled before egg retrieval $9,000
No Embryo Transfer $700
Surgical Sperm Retrieval No sperm available for freezing $700
Sperm Washing Cancelled prior to sperm wash. Fees applied to subsequent cycle $850
Sperm Freezing No sperm found to freeze or inadequate sample for freezing $500
Fee Policy
1. Full payment of fees is due when patients call with their “Day 1” of menses to initiate treatment.
2. Blue Cross patients are required to pay IVF fees before start of treatment unless pre-authorized by Military MD.
3. Pay invoices online by creating the "Ottawa Fertility Centre" as a bill payment payee with your bank or, for invoices less then $2,000, pay using your credit card on our website. For Patients preferring to pay by cheque, please arrange for a certified cheque made payable to the “Ottawa Fertility Centre”.
4. Refunds are processed in the same manner as payment was made and are deposited or mailed to you by the 8th business day of the month following treatment.
5. Fees may change without advance notice.
6. Patient missed appointments are subject to a “no show” fee (detailed below). Two business days’ notice is required to cancel an appointment.


No-Show Fees Private-Pay
OFC offers quality care and aims to reduce waiting times to see our specialists where possible. We have implemented a No-Show / Late Cancellation fee which helps enable us to reduce unused appointment spots, and offering such appointments to others who are waiting. All appointments require 48 hours notice for cancellations (with exceptions to this rule only for true emergencies such as car accidents, hospitalizations, sudden death in family).

The policy, including related fee per appointment type, is as follows:

New consultations with physician $100
Follow-up appointments with physician $50
Pregnancy (OB), Baseline, and Saline Ultrasounds $150
Follicle Tracking Ultrasounds $75
Semen Analysis Appointments $30


Satellite Monitoring Private-Pay
The Ottawa Fertility Centre (OFC) will only monitor patients in those cases wherein the service cannot be offered at the OFC or where a physician from the OFC has specifically referred the patient to another centre. Satellite monitoring fees are not billable to OHIP
Consultation with OFC Physician $355
Satellite Coordination fee - Canadian sites (per cycle) $500
Satellite Coordination fee - International sites (per cycle) $1,000
Ultrasound and Blood Monitoring Fee per service


Additional Fees (Ontario Medical Association Rate) Private-Pay
Private-Pay fees apply to patients without an OHIP card, satellite monitoring, and if the Ontario Fertility Program budget has reached its limit
Consultation / Surgical Consultation $355
Physician Follow-Up $60
Injection by a nurse $25
Complete Pelvic Ultrasound $346
Sperm Freeze and transfer to third party (includes shipping & handling fee) $700
Saline Infusion or Tubal Patency test $392
Follicle Tracking $173
Obstetrical Ultrasound (up to 10 weeks) $346
Blood Draw $7
Pregnancy Test (ß-hCG plus progesterone) $66
Estradiol $63
FSH $25
LH $20
TSH $21
Progesterone $32
Prolactin $32
Testosterone $32
AMH $70
NIPS $25
Semen Analysis - CASA $65
Semen Analysis - Detailed (Morphology or Viability test) $300


To enquire about our fees, request a refund, or obtain a statement of your account, please call our billing office at 613 686-3378 ext 103 or e-mail We will respond within 2 business days.

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