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We are committed to full transparency so you will know exactly what costs are involved in your treatment. 

View our current treatment fees and associated costs

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)- MOHLTC Funded
IUI with partner sperm – sperm washing $850.00
IUI with Donor Sperm Handling* $300.00 / unit

*If units are standard (not pre-washed) an $850 fee will apply

*Fee does not include the cost of the donor sperm

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) – Quebec and Uninsured Patients
Quebec and uninsured patients pay for additional services that are normally covered by OHIP. These services include: follicle tracking ultrasound exams, blood work, and the insemination procedure.
Costs will vary by patient and extent of monitoring required.
IUI with partner sperm – sperm washing $850.00
IUI with Donor Sperm (Preparation for IUI – per unit of pre-washed sperm shipped to OFC)* $300.00
Monitoring – Ultrasound and Blood Work (approx cost per day) Fee per service
Insemination Procedure $200.00
*Fee does not include the cost of the donor sperm
In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
MOHLTC will cover one IVF cycle over a lifetime for patients less than 43 years.

Funded Program

Storage Fee paid at time of embryo cryopreservation $500.00
PESA Sperm Freeze* $700.00
Storage Fee with Fertility Preservation $500.00
*If not PESA; TESE will cost $3000 (not funded)


Unfunded Program
IVF  – Single cycle (inclusive of 500 enrollment fee)* $9 000.00
IVF – Natural Cycle (inclusive of 500 enrollment fee)* $7 500.00
IVF – Conversion from IUI $7 500.00
IVF – Known Egg Donor or Gestational Carrier (inclusive of 500 enrollment fee)* $12 100.00
FET – Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $2 500.00
FET – Fertilization and embryo transfer (frozen eggs) (inclusive of 500 enrollment fee)* $8 000.00

* For an unfunded IVF cycle, a non-refundable $500 enrollment fee will be collected at your Physician’s appointment before your IVF chart is given to the Schedule Nurse. This fee is to cover the costs of chart and prescription preparation, IVF education, cycle scheduling, reservation of a treatment start date, and nurse consultation.

Non-OHIP Patients also pay for the ultrasound exam to confirm pregnancy and/or to rule out an ectopic pregnancy, physician assessments, and any additional blood tests beyond the first pregnancy test.

Lab Services-Unfunded
ICSI $2 000.00
ICSI with surgically retrieved sperm (SRS) $2 500.00
Embryo Freezing (includes 1st year of storage) $1 000.00
Sperm Evaluation for freeze $200.00
Sperm Freezing (includes 1st year of storage) $700.00
Embryo or Sperm Storage (annual) $500.00
Egg Donor and Gestational Carrier Cycles
IVF using Egg Donor $12 100.00
IVF using Gestational Carrier $12 100.00 / unit
Fertility Preservation
Egg Freezing  Non-Medical reason(includes monitoring, stimulation, egg retrieval, 1st year of storage) $9 000.00
Sperm Freezing (Includes 1st yr of storage) $700.00 / unit
The Ottawa Fertility Centre works with a genetics lab in Detroit, Michigan called Cooper Genomics. Fees paid to the Ottawa Fertility Centre are for egg retrieval, fertilization using ICSI, and embryo biopsy. Cooper Genomics establishes its own fees for PGS/PGD please consult their fee brochure.
PGD (Payment to Cooper Genomics Lab) see brochure
PGS (Payment to Cooper Genomics Lab) see brochure
IVF + ICSI Cycle (excludes embryo freezing and subsequent transfer) $11 000.00
Embryo biopsy for PGD/PGS $1 800.00
Embryo Freezing $1 000.00
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) $2 500.00
Male Procedures
Semen Analysis – Casa OHIP
Semen Analysis – Casa (non-OHIP patients) $65.00
Semen Analysis – Detailed (Kruger) $300.00
Surgical Sperm Retrieval at OFC (PESA or TESE) including freeze $3 000.00
Surgical Sperm Retrieval at Ottawa Hospital (Micro TESE) -OFC fee only $3 500.00
*Eligibility requirements must be met for funded PESA.


Satellite Monitoring
** Until further notice, OFC will not be offering satellite monitoring due to COVID-19 clinic restrictions.
Satellite International $1000.00
Ultrasound and Blood Monitoring Fee per service
Additional Fees For Non-OHIP Insured Patients
Additional fees may apply for non-OHIP insured patients requiring physicians services, nursing services, ultrasound and blood tests.

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