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Questions from the Patient Information Session

We do not have a date of when the clinic will be able to resume seeing patients and providing care. This will be dependent on the activity of the virus and the direction from the Province and the City of Ottawa. We are making plans to open in the likely environment that COVID will still be present in the community at low levels.

Stimulating the ovaries with medication requires close monitoring with ultrasound and blood work to ensure that not too many eggs grow at once. This means that we can’t prescribe these medications because we can’t offer the monitoring needed to make sure it is a safe treatment for you.

Our reproductive psychologist Dr. Gervaize is still available for consultations during this difficult time. She would be the best professional to offer psychological support resources for managing stress. Fertility Matters Canada is also a non-profit organization, which has a multitude of support resources and support groups designed for fertility patients.

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