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Message to Patients April 26, 2021

These are unprecedented times, and this past week specifically has presented incredible challenges for our health care system, our clinic and our patients.  At the direction of the Ministry of Health, we took pause over the last 5 days to evaluate the impact our clinical activity has on our already stretched regional health care resources.  In this process, we have recognized the need to balance the provision of time-sensitive fertility care to our patients, with the need to help in every way that we can to support our critically over-burdened hospitals.

After review of the directives, and in consultation with the majority of fertility clinics across Ontario, we have made the decision to resume diagnostic services and treatments. We sincerely apologize to everyone who has been impacted over the past 5 days and will reach out immediately to all patients affected by these changes.   We must emphasize that although we are resuming care, the Ottawa Fertility Centre remains gravely concerned about the current situation of COVID-19 in the City of Ottawa and the Province. The variants of concern increase the risk of severe disease and death in reproductive aged people. In addition, pregnant patients are increasingly occupying ICU beds. The risk of severe COVID-19 is real. The stress on the health care system is nearing a breaking point. Avoiding any potential need for non-urgent medical care at this time should be a priority, as unfortunately there may come a point when the health care system is not able to provide you with the care you need.

Therefore, the Ottawa Fertility Centre is currently strongly recommending that all patients postpone fertility testing and treatment until the acute COVID-19 situation in Ontario has improved.

We do however understand that for some people, postponing is not an option. Individuals may feel that their situation, from either a medical or a psychological perspective, requires that they continue with treatment at this time. For those individuals who need to proceed now, we will support that decision by resuming operations with all our COVID safety measures in place including screening, PPE and both physical and temporal spacing of patients.

Finally, we strongly encourage patients to get their COVID vaccination as soon as it is available to them, ideally before treatment start. Do not delay! Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself and others.

Message to Patients April 22, 2021

Our centre remains open for our physician appointments, consents, as well as semen analysis, diagnostic blood and ultrasound appointments which are already scheduled. We have currently paused the start of new treatment cycles pending further direction from the College. We will continue to communicate directly with our patients and advise them on how this may affect their treatment plans. We will update our website as we learn more information.

Message to Patients April 21, 2021

As a result of the third wave of COVID-19 in Ontario and the seriousness of the rates of infectivity, hospitalizations, and the new variants, effective immediately, as per the Chief Medical Officer of Health, all non-urgent procedures and surgeries are to be stopped. OFC is beginning preparations and informing patients of the need to cancel procedures over the upcoming weeks.

We will call any patients affected, please don’t actively call us as we will be busy calling patients in order of cancellation. Prioritization for re-booking once the Ministry permits the resumption of procedures will occur in the order in which cycles are cancelled. Please follow our website and social media for ongoing updates.


The Ottawa Fertility Centre has made several operational changes to ensure patient and staff safety.

Important information for Patients before returning to the Ottawa Fertility Centre.

In the clinic today?

Do you have an appointment today or need to do bloodwork? Are you currently on OFC Property? Add your name to our virtual waiting room, wait in the car and we will let you know when we are ready to see you.

Sometimes technology fails, if the Virtual Wait List fails to load, please try again.  If it fails to load again, please complete your patient assessment online then come in to the clinic and speak with reception.

You will still need to complete the mandatory COVID assessment. This provides you with a barcode to be used to open the clinic door.

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We are the only Ottawa-based fertility clinic with the Ministry Funded Fertility Program.


Services available in English, French, and Chinese.


Physicians have affiliations with the University of Ottawa and Ottawa Hospital.

Sponsorship & Support

We are a Fertile Future and Fertility Matters sponsor clinic. We sponsor The Butterfly Box to encourage selfcare and support.


We have a satellite relationship with Kingston General Hospital. We have a fast-tracked referral system for Newfoundland IVF patients. We accept patients from Nunavut.

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We offer OTN (virtual) consultations and follow-ups and consents.

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