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There is a common understanding among women that when they are pregnant they should not tell anyone until after the first trimester.  This news is kept secret so that in the event of a miscarriage, no one has to know about it.  Although this approach that will help avoid explaining repeatedly when a pregnancy is lost,… Continue Reading Miscarriage

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The Basic Fertility Work-up

If you decide to be assessed by a fertility specialist there are a number of tests that are routinely ordered.  With a complete work-up, you should be able to determine if you have all of the essential elements for reproduction.  However, approximately 15% of couples will have a completely normal work-up despite having difficulties conceiving. … Continue Reading The Basic Fertility Work-up

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In need of sperm?

Perhaps you have decided to have a baby, only to realize that there is one very important ingredient missing…sperm!  Women who find themselves in this situation may include single women who have chosen to start a family on their own, lesbian couples, or heterosexual couples where there is a severe sperm abnormality.  If you fit… Continue Reading In need of sperm?

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