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Posts by Diana Hernandez

IVF Funding in Canada: A Changing Landscape

For Canadian fertility patients, particularly those in Ontario and Quebec, 2014 has been eventful. In April, Ontario Health Minister Deb Mathews announced that an in-vitro fertilization (IVF) funding program would be implemented in Ontario. After the general election, the policy was confirmed. This was followed by the introduction of Bill 20 in November in Quebec.…

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NEW! Egg Donation Program

The Ottawa Fertility Centre has partnered with Donor Egg Bank USA to launch a new Donor Egg program in Canada.  Patients will be able to select egg donors without having to travel outside of Canada. Donor Egg Information Session Tuesday March 25th from 6pm to 8pm Ottawa Fertility Centre RSVP The founder of Donor Egg Bank USA will…

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IVF Clinical Trial

Due to an overwhelming response, recruitment is now closed. Read more about the Research and Innovation at the Ottawa Fertility Centre.

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Tubal Ligation

My husband and I are looking for some advice. Two years ago, we decided on a tubal ligation after our youngest child was born, however now, two years later, we find we are at a constant regret for having done. Ideally, we would like to have one more child. We are unsure of whether to…

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Question about male fertility

Hello, I was wondering if the use of drugs like Cialis reduces the chances of conception in any way, for example, by either reducing the quality or damaging the sperm? Thanks so much.

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Retrieving Hope – IVF update

Near the end of a round of IVF your tired, emotional, sore and all around played out. After days, weeks or even months of hormones your ready for the round to be over, or at least I was.  Nearing when my retrieval was supposed to be I was growing anxious about what the magical date…

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Sometimes the wait is the hardest part – IVF Update

You’d think the hormones, side effects or constant poking and prodding would be the hardest part of IVF. Not for me! For me the hardest part has been the excruciating two week wait after the embryo transfer. The wait to find out if our dreams have come true. You think of two weeks as nothing,…

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How long should it take to get pregnant?

3 facts to help you set reasonable expectations So you’ve decided to start trying to get pregnant. Or maybe you have already started, and now you are wondering what to expect. When we were young we were probably told that having sex even once is a risk for pregnancy, and we were warned to always…

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