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The brighter side – IVF update

When going through something hard on you, emotionally, physically or mentally, it can be easy to forget the brighter side of things! The reasons, the who, how, why or even our attempted outcome. One thing IVF is teaching me is to see the brighter side.
Going through a round of IVF has it fair share of fun side effects, varying by protocol and by the patient. Some only feel mildly different, where as others feel the full range of hormone side effects.

I can attest that when in pain or uncomfortable it is easy to get lost in that and forget why your doing it all. Being nauseous or dealing with migraines, pain or the fact that your ovaries are now the size of small oranges can definitely take its toll, not to mention the emotional roller coaster your on because of the surge of hormones. But when you put in perspective the why, it makes everything else seem small.

The other day after hot flashes, weeks of nausea and migraines, needles and back pain I was feeling done, tired and worn out. Then I had my first ultrasound to monitor my follicle growth and I was amazed. I was smiling from ear to ear and had a renewed sense of why.

Now every two days I go in and get to see my amazing progress, see the follicles growing and definitely feeling the changes. But now it’s almost as I appreciate being uncomfortable knowing that it’s a good sign, that I’m tired because my body is working over time to produce a lot of eggs. So it still sucks feeling like poop all the time, but it is absolutely worth it.

By the end of this week I will have my retrieval and the magic of IVF and the talent of the amazing staff at The Ottawa Fertility Center will take over and hopefully help me and my hubby get pregnant. We are over the moon excited right now and I have to say our hopes are very high.

Going through anything tough is always made better by the people who you surround yourself with. Those who just rub your back as your sobbing and don’t know why, those who help you with your injections, who listen to you, make you laugh, let you vent and try there best to understand. I am lucky enough to have all that and an amazing group, my fellow Win a Baby couples, who understand and have created this great community where IVF is something that is easily shared, compared and taken in together.

So when your going through something tough, share. Talk to someone who can understand or even just let you vent. But in the end try to remember to look for the brighter side, look for something to help bring you through until you yourself are right there with it.

Lotsa Love,

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