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The beginning of an IVF journey

A couple of months ago I had convinced myself that ivf, that having a baby of my own may not be possible. A couple of months ago I had almost given in! Then came the contest Win a Baby from The New Hot 899 and now I am at the beginning of a round of IVF. How things can change…

Ryan and I are now embarking upon our first and hopefully only round of IVF. We are optimistically realistic coming into this process, but we are beyond excited.  My original plan was not to get my hopes up, you here of it taking multiple rounds and how that can wear on a person; however now that I am here it is hard to contain my excitement. In just a few short months and a crazy roller coaster ride I went from having to face maybe never having a child to being at the clinic where it can all happen; picking up my injection kit.

Now that our dream is within reach its hard not to picture our little boy or girl, hard not to talk about names and a future; where before I wouldn’t dare let myself go there. 

Even though the process is beyond not fun, the nausea, headaches, acne and soon to come hot flashes and mood swings; it is more than worth it. My hubby was stressing coming into this process, knowing the toll that a round of IVF can take on someone.  It plays havoc on your body, strains you emotionally and pushes the boundaries of your relationship.  So when January came and even though I knew exactly what I was facing; I still had a smile on my face, was super positive and excited about starting hormones…I knew I was ready.  

So when the day came; I made the phone call, one simple phone call that can change our lives forever, I called in to start our round of IVF. Writing down all the details, appointments, the do’s and don’ts I couldn’t help but just beam (and maybe do a little happy dance). At a recent appointment to learn about the injections I will be soon starting and how this whole process works, I was watching my next few months being mapped out.

I’ve been on a pill for a few weeks now, next is a daily injection that lowers my estrogen levels (similar to menopause) to trick my brain into not paying attention to the multiple eggs I will be growing. After a few weeks I get blood work to determine that my estrogen levels are low enough (starting at a base line) and if they are at the magic number I start a second daily injection that will increase my estrogen levels and create multiple eggs instead of the usual one. After a couple weeks of this and multiple blood work and ultrasound appointments they will be able to tell us when we can have them removed, A trigger shot is taken to tell the body to release the eggs and the procedure is booked. From then on out you hope for multiple healthy eggs and you hope that you get many healthy viable embryos.

This process has a lot that needs to line up and even if everything goes perfect we have a 50% chance at the end of the day. I don’t think I have ever been so excited to inject myself with a needle…lol

No matter how this process turns out, we are and will forever be beyond grateful to the mazing people at the new hot 899 for making this happen, for giving us and four other great couples a chance at making our dreams come true.

Because if you never take a chance, if you never try, you will never know!

Lotsa Love,

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