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Dr. Elise Azzi

Dr. Elise Azzi is a family doctor with a focused practice in sexual and reproductive health. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours in Biomedical Sciences) in 2012, received her Doctorate of Medicine in 2016, and completed her Family Medicine Residency in 2018. She then pursued an Enhanced Skills in Women’s Health Fellowship in 2019. She attended the University of Ottawa for all her medical training.

Dr. Azzi is passionate about providing high-quality, evidence-based, and patient-centered care through a family medicine lens, while addressing the unique needs of women throughout their lifespan. Her clinical scope of practice is broad and includes comprehensive primary care, as well as sexual and reproductive health. At the Ottawa Fertility Centre, her focus includes general fertility assessments, PCOS-related infertility, and patients seeking donor sperm insemination. She speaks English, French, and Arabic.

Dr. Azzi is the Director of Women’s Health at the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine. She oversees the Women’s Health curriculum of the family medicine training program and serves as the Program Director for the Women’s Health fellowship. She is involved in teaching and mentorship of residents, as well as continued medical education for family doctors in practice. Her passions include medical education, quality improvement through digital health optimization, leadership, and advocacy.

Dr. Azzi has proudly called Ottawa her home for over a decade. She loves every aspect of living in this beautiful and vibrant city and enjoys serving its culturally diverse residents. Outside of work, Dr. Azzi enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, traveling, yoga, and music.

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